Philosophy of the Department

The Theatre and Performing Arts programme is designed to develop well rounded and skilful graduates who will fit into the Nigerian society. The programme grounds the students in the theoretical basis of theatre and performance as they relate to Nigeria and Africa as well as in performance aesthetics and techniques with a comparative exploration of practices all over the world. The programme is intended to graduate students who can earn a living on their own or who if they need to work are flexible and dexterous enough to adapt and work in a range of fields and areas. A major thrust of the ABU programme is the community/popular theatre courses which runs up to the postgraduate or graduate levels.

This enables the students to use the theatre as a methodology of communication; as a tool for addressing societal problems and as a means of generating community participation and involvement in their own development.

In addition, the programme will benefit from an interdisciplinary design by picking courses from the social sciences to enhance the horizons of our graduates.

The Theatre and Performing Arts programme is designed make our students relevant to television, radio, and film/homevideo production in Nigeria. This is a growing field made more relevant by the need for local programming occasioned by the deregulation of media ownership in Nigeria.

In addition, the programme is more responsive to the changes in the global would of science and technology of market driven development. It seeks to open its products to multi-applicability. As noted by the Vice-Chancellor of Durham university, Sir Kenneth Calman, "trainee doctors should offer course in DRAMA, literature and philosophy to compliment their medical training he proposed a year of studies in humanities as part of a six-year courseā€¦ doing this will enable them to draw scientific evidence of benefits of arts therapy which will go a long way in helping them improve the quality of life of their patients".